3 Ways to Enjoy The Love Triangle: Not Your Regular Love Triangle

The emotions that follow when we hear the term "Love Triangle" are mostly negative and this is due to the type of love triangle we have seen over time. The general knowledge of the love triangle is one where two people are contending for the love of a third person. This type of love causes a lot of friction in the relationship between all three individuals involved in the triangle of love. Emotions like hatred, anger, sadness, and pain are found in a relationship like that. The contending partners if aware of each other's agenda always try to outsmart each other. The partner whom they are fighting for is mostly caught up in the web of confusion. It can become a very toxic relationship. And trust me when I say as much as no one loves to be in such a situation, a lot of people are found struggling to get out of their current love triangle.
Although, people run away from this type of relationship, the type of Love Triangle that we will be discussing in this article is not your regular love triangle. It is the type of love triangle that every individual in a relationship (most importantly, in a Godly relationship) should strive to be in. This type of Love Triangle brings more peace, joy, and order to the life of the individuals in the relationship. It gives contrasting emotions to that of the common love triangle.
If you have read up to this point, you deserve to know more about this love triangle. So,
What is this Love Triangle?
Of course, it is a relationship. A relationship that involves 3 individuals which are: God, You, and Your partner. Yes! What relationship can go bad when God is in it? This is a type of relationship where God is the true head. He leads the couple and they follow. If we are to have this in a pictorial form, we would have an equilateral triangle. The angle at the top will be labeled God, the angles on the right and the left sides will be labeled You and your partner respectively.
How it works is that God as the leader of the relationship is the one that directs the affairs of the relationship. He gives you and your partner instructions and you both come together to execute the instructions. This relationship has a lot of advantages that come with it, and here are 3 things you can do to enjoy this love triangle;
Understand the Purpose of the Love Triangle to you: You know the common saying "when the purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable." It is the same with your love triangle, if you don't know the reason why you are in the Love triangle, you will not be able to harness the goodness in the relationship. This is to tell you that it is very possible to be in a Godly relationship and not live life or enjoy the benefits of being in it. The purpose of any true love triangle with God at the top is that it births true companionship. You can be there for each other while under the leading of the one true God. When you are in this type of love triangle, it brings true peace, serves as a way to build trust, helps you and your partner grow and be accountable to each other, it also provides you with strength. All these can be enjoyed when you know the reason you are in that love triangle. This also requires you to have a personal relationship with God as individuals so that when God is speaking you hear him, both as an individual and as a couple. Don't be in this love triangle without knowing why you are there. This helps to enjoy the journey better
Understand your role in the love triangle: Just as each part of the body has its function so does each member of the love triangle have their role to play to make the relationship work. Each person has to focus on playing their part along with God. In a love triangle, God speaks to each individual and they both come together to do what they need to do. At the same time, both individuals speak to God and the process continues like that. Should there be a partner who doesn't know that He is supposed to listen to God, when God is ready to give him answers to questions that will be of help to his relationship with his partner and his other part of his life, he will be ignorant of how to position himself to be able to be a channel of peace.

Respect everyone's position: there are times when your partner hurts you. Being in a love triangle requires you to respect God and respect the position of your partner and not just your partner. Doing this will help you enjoy the love triangle. For instance, if your partner fails to fulfill the promise she made, instead of being angry or resentful, you are required to love her and honor her position as your partner.

Thank you for reading up to this point, kindly take note
Being in a triangle is profitable and good for every relationship. It is a must-have in any relationship that wants to thrive. 
Click here to watch a video illustration of the love triangle.
What other ways do you think we can enjoy your love triangle. See you in the comments section.

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