5 Ways to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive.

Hello love, how are you today? As slow as it may seem we are on the 18th day of our 30-day journey. I am super thankful to you for always finding a home in Lolonyo. After the last couple of posts on how to keep a joint journal, I got a lot of requests to talk about what long-distance relationship couples can do to keep the fire burning in their relationship and that is what we will be doing today.
One important thing about long-distance relationships, just like any other type of relationship is that the couples should be ready for compromise. A common example in any relationship is about calls. One of the pair might not like to make calls, but to make the relationship work, will have to learn to do that. It is key that you intentionally make time for each other. Here are 5 tips to keeping your long-distance relationship alive.
1. Make Video Calls:
The world is digital now and this has caused a great shift in our daily living, this includes our means of communication. As a couple, you both can decide on what medium you want to use to communicate. The truth remains in this day and age, distance is not so much of a barrier with the existence of mobile phones and computers.
When you choose the medium of communication you prefer, you can have video calls to talk about how your day went, your activities, and anything there is to talk about, just have fun.

2. Study the word & Pray together:
You might want to use a video or voice call for this, the choice is yours. As a Christian couple, prayer should be one of your strongest pillars. You should understand the place of prayer and the word of God in your life and relationship. One of the things you can do together is to pray and speak God’s blessings into each other’s lives and your future as a couple.
3. Have Deep conversations:
It is often the case in most long-distance relationships that when the couple gets to talk after a long day of work and various events, due to tiredness, would only have surface conversations like; what they ate, the clothes they wore out, what happened at work and how tired they are, but this is not all there is to a relationship, especially one heading towards marriage. As a couple, despite all kinds of constraints, you should do well to create time to talk about things in your future as individuals and as a couple, doing this will help you to get a deeper insight into each other, know who your partner is and what they can do.

4. Read books or watch videos and review them:
There is no limit to what long-distance couples can do as long as the physical activity can be done virtually. As a couple in a long-distance relationship, you can choose to read a book and come together on a video call to review it. If you and your partner are not people who love to read, you can watch educative, enlightening, or entertaining movies or videos and have a review session on it. Both of you will get a chance to share your point of view on the movie or video. Remember, the point is in keeping your relationship alive despite the distance.

5. Don’t be in each other’s faces:
Remember the post about turn-offs in a relationship, this is one of many possible turn-offs. As much as you want to keep your relationship alive, you should understand that your partner has a life of their own and both of you have different things to deal with, so you cannot always demand their attention. Being in each other’s faces can be seen as obsessive and tiring thereby draining out the joy and peace you have experienced in your relationship so far. So, you should always give each other some breathing space so that each time you come together, you can have calm and meaningful conversations.

I hope that with these you have a few ideas on how to keep your long-distance relationship alive. There is a lot more you can do like online dates, sending gifts, writing love letters or emails, it's left for you to get creative and remember that distance is not so much of a barrier.

Till tomorrow, I love you and know that love is beautiful, so let’s nurture it to bliss.

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