5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Joint Relationship Journal with Your Partner.

Hey love, how are you today? It is a new month and a new week so, happy new month and happy new week too. I wish you the best of everything you need and may double blessings come your way from this day henceforth. Today, just as to title speaks we will be discussing 5 reasons why you should keep a joint relationship journal but first let's talk about what a journal is before we dive into what it can do for us.

A journal is a book where you write down occurrences and events, lessons learned and Memories shared in your life. It is just like a diary. Some people have different journals for various aspects of their life: spiritual, health, physical, relationship e.t.c while some people have mastered the art of fitting all the happenings in their life into one journal. Either way, keeping a journal is very important for you as an individual. Now, having a joint journal with your partner is an interesting and essential thing to do. Are you wondering why it was so? Then stay with me till the end. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a joint journal in your relationship.
It is a way of Keeping Memories:
Keeping a memory is a way of reminding yourself about life's experiences. Keeping memories that you and your partner have had together is one of the most interesting things you can ever do together because every time you go back to the memories emotions of the past is brought to life in the present.

It is a Way of Tracking Your Growth:
The second reason why you should keep a joint relationship journal with your partner is so that you can track your growth. As a couple, you both have outgrown some things while some other things have been added to you since the time you've been together. A joint journal will help you to have it in the records.

It Helps You to Learn from The Past to Make the Future Better:
Consistency in journalling activities that are occurred in your relationship will give rise to a great number of memories; good, bad, happy, sad. With those memories, you can always go back to learn from the various things that have happened and use the lessons to make better decisions.

You can use it at Your Wedding Reception:
Funny right? When you are finally ready to walk down the aisle, you can get a good photographer or videographer to take pictures of your preferred part of the journal and make nice slides of them then you can share the memories with your friends and families at your wedding reception.

It Strengthens Your Bond:
Journalling is a way of pouring out emotion in a written form. Doing this with your partner is going to help you both spend quality time together while recording and sharing different memories. Doing things like this will help to strengthen your bond and increase your connection.
Note: because you are keeping a joint journal with your partner does not mean you cannot have a personal journal.
I hope to see you again tomorrow. Remember, love is beautiful and we cannot show it to bliss. I love you so much.

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