Sisi Salewa (Infatuation or Love)

Hey lovely, it is a beautiful day today and I hope you are enjoying your day? I appreciate your showing up again today. I am going to be telling you an interesting story today. A story about a young lady and her relationship life.
It was early in the morning around 6 am when Salewa jogged past him that faithful Saturday morning on the third mainland bridge. He was a tall, dark and handsome guy- Salewa’s spec on top of that, he was well built.
Six-packs - Check.
Broad shoulder - Check.
She melted at the sight of him as her heart raced faster than her legs had gone in the last 20 minutes that she has been jogging. Salewa seemed to be trapped in time, her feet could become so slow that a tortoise would have outrun her. She kept on staring at him till he faded out of her sight. Still facing his direction while she moved backward, she bumped into Tomide- a guy she met on her last trip to the Bahamas. Tomide stepping on her shoelace and hitting her shoulder, she popped like corn metamorphizing into popcorn at the same time regaining her consciousness.
What? They both exclaimed. Tomide whose running pace has been altered grabbed her and said, "Please! Watch where…" Before he could finish his sentence, he saw her face and immediately remembered her.
"You are the lady I meet on my last trip to the Bahamas", he said. Salewa gaining her ground again exclaimed, Tomide, right? And he nodded in affirmation. Salewa bending to tie her shoelace simultaneously asked, "What are you doing here?" Tomide, shaking his head left and right as if he was trying to shake down the answer down to his mouth answered, "I am here on a business trip that is going to last for the next 6 months, so let’s just say I am here to stay."
Standing up, she sighed heavily and said, you are welcome home. Still surprised at their meeting, they laughed and spent the next couple of minutes having a chit-chat about how the Bahamas was. Hearing her timer beep, she exclaimed, "Oh my God I am late!" 
Apparently, she had a program to attend. She rushed to say her goodbye as Tomide asked if she would like to hang out some other time, maybe Sunday evening. She agreed and they exchanged contact. She ran off smiling from ear to ear as she reminisced about the tall, dark, handsome and well-built guy she jogged past and all the memories she just shared with Tomide. She said to herself, "what a good day today is going to be". 
(Sigh) What if I told you that Salewa is a sister of mine and you need to pay attention and learn from her story because there is a lot to learn from it and because she shared it with me. Lol… Snap out of it! I only wish I have a sister called Salewa but I don’t. I am sure you enjoyed the story up until this moment. Thank you for traveling with me from wherever you are to the third mainland bridge. I hope you enjoyed the ride?
Join me tomorrow as we find out what happened when Salewa meets with Tomide the next day. Till tomorrow, keep smiling and say to yourself “love is beautiful and I will nurture it to bliss”. I love you. 


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