Èmí Ògá (The Spirit of the Boss)

Who is the boss?
What is wrong with his spirit?
What exactly does the term “emi oga” mean?
These and many more are the questions we will be discussing today. 
Did you think that I will not greet you today? (lol) that’s not possible at all. 
How are you today? How did yesterday go for you? What things did you learn or experience? You can share them with me through my email and be sure that I will reply to you. It is the third day of our journey together and I look forward to having you here often. 
That been said, let’s jump right into this thing.

What is “Emi Oga”?

If you are Nigerian and you are reading this post, you probably have heard people say ‘emi oga’ but in case you are not Nigerian or you are Nigerian but you don’t have a clue as to what emi oga is, I am here for you today. Before I started writing on this topic I asked some people if they know what “emi oga” means and what comes to their mind when they hear some people call themselves ”emi oga”. Some had an idea of what it meant, while some didn’t. Some have a healthy view of the origin and meaning of the saying  “emi oga”, some dislike the idea of people calling themselves “emi oga” while some don’t even care. Some thought only some certain kind of females call themselves “emi oga”. But I am here 
today to tell you what my view on “emi oga” is and should be (to the children of God here striving to have a godly relationship and a godly marital life).
In its literal form, “emi oga” means the spirit of the boss. This is a term used commonly by young ladies (in a relationship or situationship) and women in Nigeria, and just the way any other term can be misused- “Emi Oga” has also gotten into the hands and mouths of those that abuse its true meaning. At the inception of the relationship between Adam and Eve, God never planned for Eve to be a liability to her husband rather, God created them to live together, to be fruitful and multiply which means they both had a role to play and no one was created to be a servant to the other. 

This is to let us know that a true relationship is not meant to be a host-pest kind of thing. But for the people that misuse the term ”emi Oga”, this is what they mean: all they need to do is to sit down and be taken care of by their husband or partner. Someone who spends her husband’s money without working for her own money.
Why Do Some Ladies Have This Kind of Mentality in a Relationship? (The Wrong Perspective of Emi Oga)

If we say it is because they are women and it is what ladies are capable of, or because they are lazy, we will only be scratching the surface of the matter. Honestly, the only reason why someone will wake up to decide that they just want to be in a relationship with a rich man or get married to a wealthy man that will get them all their needs is just that they have failed to understand themselves,(THEY LACK THE KNOWLEDGE OF SELF). A lady that has taken time to study herself and understand her purpose for being on earth will not want to sit on a spot and be taken care of. Rather, she will look for ways to improve herself and let others do the same by carrying out assignments per time. A woman that has a true sense of self will know what is required of her and go for it at every point in time. Even when this woman is a full housewife, she still knows her duties and contributes to the house. She is industrious and knows how to take good care of her family.  She is a forward-thinking female, a future-thinking female. This woman can do all these because she understands herself.
A lady that does not understand herself will not be able to make use of her potentials to evolve into her best self. She will be dearly interested in just passing each day without stress while she spends her partners' money and receives surprises. Another common claim that some ladies have for doing this is that “their partner loves them enough to take care of them and that he is not complaining”. As women and young ladies, we should understand that men have egos and they don’t like to be perceived as weak or incapable, they also love to see the one they love to enjoy and not suffer- so they will not complain.
Join me again tomorrow as we look at what "emi oga" is supposed to be like. Till then know that love is beautiful and we can nurture it together.
I love you.

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