Èmí Ògá (The Spirit of the Boss 2)

Hey love, it's another day of this precious journey of ours. A big thank you for always giving me the chance to come and discuss hot boiling relationship topics with you. I hope you had a good night's rest?
Yesterday was so fun and as usual, thank you for making effort to know what èmí ògá is all about as well as peoples perceptions of "Èmí ògá". Today, we will be looking into what the whole èmí ògá thing is supposed to be like. So sit back, grab your drinks and snacks and ride with me.

What Should Emi Oga Be Like?

When you say you love your partner, the person may be “Emi Oga” to you because the person plays an important role in your life and you do the same for the person. Your partner can be “Emi Oga” to you because they have helped you become more and supported your dreams. The term “Emi Oga” is not supposed to be used in a relationship where only the man is working, doing all the caring for, and providing the needs of the wife. In a healthy relationship, the wife/ female partner is also supposed to play a supportive role, take care of her partner, buy him things, surprise him with gifts. When God saw the need for Adam to have someone like him, He created Eve to be his “helpmate”, “a suitable companion” not a liability to her husband. Ladies should strive to be creative and innovative in all they do. Even a full housewife can do something aside from being a full-time mom. This is not for herself alone but her children, because by doing this she is teaching them to become more and do more.
Dear woman and young lady, try to create a life and environment where your partner can be free to also call himself “Emi Oga”. Doing this makes your partner feel loved and respected, in turn, he gives you all the love you need and respects you for who you are. Doing this also increases your worth because you contribute significantly to your family and society. Looking at it well, giving your partner a chance to be “Emi Oga” is giving yourself a lot more chances to be “Emi Oga”. It is a win-win.

Thank you for choosing to be more and not just a piece of furniture whose work is to beautify the house and nothing more. I hope that with this discussion of ours, you now understand what it truly means to be “Emi Oga”. I cannot wait to hear your feedback. Till tomorrow, know that I love you and that love is beautiful so let us nurture it together.

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