Let's Talk About You.

Hey darling,
How are you today? I hope you are enjoying this month as much as you can.
Believe me I really wanted us to continue with “How to Know if He or She is The One For You” Part 3, but I got this strong feeling to talk about You. Yes YOU! Most of the time people just want to get out of the single gang without paying attention to knowing if they're actually ready to be in a relationship. As much as a relationship should not be seen as stress, being in a relationship is a lot of commitment that if you are not well prepared for can be overwhelming. It involves bringing a whole human being into your personal space.
Most of the time, we forget all these requirements and just want to get into a relationship. Before starting a relationship you must be sure that you are ready for it, you must be sure that you have the time and that you can give the needed commitment.

Ask yourself if you are actually ready. 
I have come to find out that some people move from one relationship to another not because they feel like but because they have neither taken their time to heal from past hurt, get past their insecurities nor taken time to learn from the past experiences so they keep moving in circles of pain hurt and distrust. It is important to give yourself time to trace recurring patterns from your past relationships, look well into the cause of those broken relationships and learn what brought the relationship to an end.
It is important so that you will be able to watch out for those things in your new relationship, don't just move from one relationship to another, take your time, note all those things that you feel have been happening, heal from the hurt and learn to be better and choose better.
 What happens when you don't learn from the past occurrences is that you don't even know truly if you are ready for any relationship, you just get into it all to discover that the guy is leaving you again or the lady is no longer interested and then you jump into a conclusion that all men are scum or all ladies want rich guys.
My darling Life does not work like that. You have to be sure you are fit and ready before you take steps. I hope this helps enjoy the rest of the week. Bye. 


  1. This is very relevant and instructive. Thank you.

  2. Am I ready to have someone else in my space? Thank you Twinee

    1. Yes Twinee, it is essential to know if you are ready.

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