Having a Opposite Sex Best Friend When in a Relationship.

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Today's post is about having a bestie of the opposite sex while you are in a relationship. 

Most people tend to be more attracted to people of the opposite sex even just as friends. A guy might find his gist buddy as a female even when they have nothing together. No strings attached but friendship. 

What then happens when one of the opposite sex bestie get into a relationship?

Only an insecure and bossy partner will not allow you to have a friend of the opposite sex but no one would be pleased to know that they are second in their partners life. A best friend is someone that is number one after God in an individual's life. This person knows so much about you that other do not know,  this person knows your secret, this person has been a bucket good enough to hold your emotions happy, sad, good or bad. When you need to rant this person is mostly the first you would consider to pour out your heart to, when you need an advice this person is the first you go to ask even when you know clearly that they might not have any solution to what is bothering you. You have so much confidence in them that they won't judge you and they would be very truthful with you at all times.
If one person can be all these to you under the tag of bestie then why can't the person be your partner?
" It would only cause problems and clashes. I just can't take it." Agnes replied when a survey was carried out to know what young individuals in a relationship felt about their partners having a opposite-sex bestie. From the survey 99% of the respondents said they would find it ridiculous that their partner would think of having a best friend of the opposite sex while the remaining 1% remained indifferent about the idea.
Having a best friend is ok but having a best friend of the opposite sex would only cause you a lot of problems.

 When you and your partner have argument this makes it harder for you both to get over the issue quickly because instead of talking to your partner about the situation, you would go to your best friend and pour out your heart to him or her as the case may be. If this continue in the long run you would gradually lose the point of your relationship and one day conclude that you no longer love your partner. This is because you didn't leave a space for you both to work on your issues. Occasionally you people would assume you a couple with that best friend of yours, you would then have to answer questions all the time about how that person is not your partner.
This is not to say you should not have a close friend even when you are in a relationship but do well to define your relationship and friendship your partner should be that best friend and confidant that you need in your life not a friend of the opposite sex.
Opposite sex best friend will be a threat to your relationship in the long run.


  1. This is very true. No matter the level of understanding, having a best friend of the opposite sex will be a threat to your relationship in the long run.

  2. Thank you so much Nelson Vincent .

  3. Just right!
    It's loving to have your
    partner as your bestie!

  4. Smile.. To think everyone should or would be like me, is impossible.

    I can say it all begins with which circle do we pick our best friend? And to what level of understanding about relationship our partner bags?

    For me, it's not bad to have opposite sex as your bestie. It all comes down to how knowledgeable he or she is; it's either he or she is of your level, or more than you are or you are rich upstairs than him/her. And don't forget, the God-wise must not be overlooked.
    Knowing when and what you should allow your opposite sex bestie comes in to your love matter should be our focal point.

    We set not our gaze only on the evil & bad
    As much as many has gone bad
    We can still direct our pupils to see the good ones
    Correcting the unfortunate
    Educating the victims
    In our truest love, we'll walk with fate;
    But with & in right senses as to our faith.

    Choose Right..! Love Right..!

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