The Past 4 Week (Being with The Right Person/ People.)

 Hi family, it has been a long time since we met here. And I must say, I really missed the family, I miss our fun discussions and comments and all the insights that you share with me.
I was going to talk about causes of breakup in relationships in today’s blog post, but I decided at a point not to. I taught it wise to let you know instead, why I wasn’t able to post for the past weeks. You might ask me why I am deciding to publish this post- it is because it has a little to do with Lolonyo (love is beautiful), which is our community name, also to share with you the essence of being with the right people. So here I am just telling you how the past four weeks have been for me and how my husband, boyfriend and friends helped be through those weeks. Funny right? Bonnie is married? Certainly not, at least not yet. I just have this practice of calling God my husband.

The first week came, not only was I emotionally down, I was psychologically down as well. I found a really huge reduction in my level of productivity. It hit me, it hit me so hard that it made me feel so sad. I couldn’t work out what the real issue was at first. All I noticed was that I was really down. I even found it so hard to connect well with God- that each time I tried to communicate with God, I just felt this regression in everything and I would be distracted before I knew it. I was confused, and I had so much running through my mind at every second the day. Thoughts of the many things I had to do that I didn’t do. This continued for about 5 days. I felt it wasn’t enough to speak to anyone about it, I felt like a phone that needed to be wiped- it is not going to do any good to delete a few things from that phone.
You might ask me, of course, where babe was at that time. I told him about it most of the time, he helped to calm me down, we prayed about it and he tried to make me fine, but like I said, deleting a few things won’t do- wiping might help (I really wanted to know exactly what I needed). He was also busy with creating some logos at the time, which took so much time. It also took a lot more- but as if that was not enough, Starr, babe’s laptop suddenly stopped working at that time! Wow… I can tell you, it became more than bad. I had to now also help him calm down. Although, he tried to be fine, he still could not stop thinking of the designs he had to render and deliver in few days. Every time we spoke he had the habit of saying he is fine even when he obviously wasn’t, but I understood that he was trying to be fine and to keep me from worrying. I was steadily given strength by the thought of him still trying to be strong through the whole thing. And the way that in prayer he would lead me to God, hmm.
Second week came, and I fell sick. Just the combination of Respiratory Tract Infection(RTI) and Malaria, nothing much. Did I just say nothing much? I have been joking a lot, the intensity of the pain I felt was terrible, migraine that made me think I would go nuts, and breathing difficulty. At a point I felt I might become asthmatic. At this time, I was forced to put a lot of things on hold even though I didn’t want to. I still wanted to do a lot of thing, I wanted be here for you, I had books to finish, tasks to compete and so on. Babe, had to let me understand that I needed to rest for now in other to be strong and so that I would be able to carry out all what I needed to. I cried most of the time, and I only spoke to God later on. That was when I was able to think about the whole thing, my productivity level didn’t just drop, I didn’t just become sad and emotionally disturbed, I just was a bit too hard on me, I needed to declutter a lot of things- my phone, my mail, my room, my study space, also my mind. But now that I have an insight to what was wrong with me, I didn’t have the physical strength to do the needful so I only begged God to help me and heal me. 
At this time, I also had friends who, like babe and my husband (God), told me to take a chill pill, that everything was be all right. The second week went on like that and at the earlier part of the third week I got better. I still had cough and catarrh but I now had the strength to do a lot of things. The #EndSars protest was already heating up at this time so I also decided to join the online protest while I decluttered my life. I was able to declutter my, phone, my mail, my room, and my study space. I could not have a personal retreat because I couldn’t go out but I was able to make do with what I had. I felt a lot better. This was when, thanks to my coach (Della), I also met new people, made friends and did a lot of networking that recover my mental strength.
The fourth week came and Lekki massacre came with it, at this time with the help of God, babe and friends that showered love upon me through the last 3 weeks, I became strong again and now was the time for me to be strong for them. I was going to publish a post at that time, but I discovered I needed to do something else- help them know that they are not alone, just like they did for me the previous weeks. I had a lot of friends who were almost traumatized as a result of the week’s incidents, but I was able to be with them, and I am grateful for that.
My point exactly, although, love is a lot of things (good and bad), love is beautiful, you get a reflection of true love when you are with the right people. If I didn’t have God, babe, and my friends, I wonder what could have happened to me in those last 3-4 weeks. I would not have been there for my friends if they weren’t there for me, why? Because I would also be in the same state with them. True, iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27: 17). Surround yourself with the right people and know that “love is beautiful”. Lolonyo. 


  1. Welcome back😊

    I can relate with your post because being with people is one of many things that keeps me going.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you soooo much, this post really changed a lot of things like a lot

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